Week 1

Research Word - Motion

What does this mean in interactive design?
How can this word be interpreted through interactive technologies?

1. Making connections:
Motion > Dynamic > Active

Movement of a user in the process of interaction with technology is a must to trigger an action from the technology.
There are however different type of movement that user can do to trigger that interaction:

There are also different types of input technology can allow the interaction:

Tactile learning is a learning style in whihch learning by the students carrying out physical activities rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstration.

2. Kinesthetic Interaction - Revealing the Bodily Potential in Interaction Design

This concept of Kinestetic Interaction consists of three axioms:

  1. Psychology - memory connections and our expreiences trigger sensory feedback
  2. Interactive Technology - movement caught through sensors(light, sound and temperature), electtomagnetic field and ultrasonic sounds
  3. kinethetic experience - it grounds our everyday actions in the world

Questions to consider for furthere research

  1. What affects people's decisions?
  2. How and when websites decided whether things like dropdown menus and in-text links would be easy for users to catch and understand how to use?
  3. How far can a designer step away from what's considered conventional and create somethign new whether visually or structurally?